April 25, 2024

Skip Bayless Hits Lamar Jackson With Some Advice


Skip Bayless is the latest sports media personality to attempt to reach Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens QB has voiced his displeasure with the team through Twitter, and that may not be the best bet. Jackson seeks greener pastures, although it has proven to be a difficult task. The only thing the media and fans know about the situation is whatever Lamar has been tweeting. The Ravens have been tight-lipped, other than saying the plan is to keep Jackson. The co-host of Undisputed decided to give Lamar some advice.

Bayless believes that the disgruntled QB should stay away from Twitter. A strange concept for someone like Bayless to admit. Bayless is known for his vocal takes and for staying in the middle of many social media scrums. However, Skip may not be that far off base when discussing Jackson. Jackson doesn’t have an agent to help him through contract discussions. So, tweeting all of his feelings on the situation may be a bad step toward working with the Ravens on a future contract.

Skip Bayless Looking Out For Lamar Jackson

When Shannon and Skip are in agreement, then maybe Lamar should listen. Twitter can be a cesspool of drama. Sharing your business as Lamar has on social media will only create more damage. Lamar wears his heart on his sleeve, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it’s better to keep those conversations private when discussing business of this magnitude. Jackson isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the franchise. Ravens fans should buckle up for a bumpy ride.

Skip Bayless is actually giving sound advice to the former MVP. It is entirely understandable for Jackson to feel hurt by the situation. However, one thing Jackson can’t forget is this is a business. The moment a player is no longer of any worth to a franchise, that said player would be on the next plane out of town. It’s the sad, harsh reality of professional sports. Do you think Skip’s advice to Lamar should be taken? Is Lamar better off doing things his own way? Please sound off in the comments, and let us know what you think. Stick around HNHH for all the latest news inside the NFL.

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