April 25, 2024

Tyga Gives Nicki Minaj Her Flowers, Also Praises Doja Cat


Tyga is someone who has been having a great time in life right now. The artist is currently in a relationship with the likes of Avril Lavigne. As unlikely as this relationship is, there is no denying that they appear to be quite happy. Overall, the two have spent a whole lot of time together. Moreover, he is already buying Lavigne some expensive gifts. There is no telling where this relationship will go, although for now, it is definitely promising.

As for his professional career in rap, Tyga has certainly been taking his time when it comes to releases. However, it should be noted that he saw a nice resurgence a few years ago. Songs like “Taste” were major hits that went off on playlists and the club. Additionally, he is now with Avril Lavigne, which opens up the opportunity for a pop-punk revival. In this case, he would also have access to the likes of Travis Barker. Although, based on his most recent Twitter posts, it seems like he could very well be angling for collaborations with two women’s rap heavyweights. Of course, we are talking about Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat.

Tyga Praises Two Generations

As you can see above, Tyga had the ultimate praise for Minaj. In fact, he referred to her as the best female rapper ever. This is high praise, although it is not a hot take by any means. “Nicki is the best female rapper of all time no one comes close!” Tyga wrote. “World play, punchlines, delivery, pockets, beat selection, creativity. Inflictions.” He subsequently went on to praise the likes of Doja Cat, saying “Doja is a really good rapper too.” Doja Cat has proven to be a pop machine as she has numerous charting songs. Every time she drops an album, you can be sure it will be chock-full of hits, and Tyga recognizes this.

Overall, this praise is definitely nice to see amongst peers. Although, we wonder what prompted Tyga to make these declarations. Either way, there is never a bad time to give people their flowers. Artists like Nicki are simply legendary, and they definitely deserve the praise. Let us know what you thought of Tyga’s declaration, in the comments below.

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