April 12, 2024

Tyler, The Creator Details Most “Awesome” Parts Of His Rapper Lifestyle


Things have been relatively quiet on Tyler, The Creator’s front so far this year, though he made waves in a major way earlier this week with his “DOGTOOTH” single. Along with that must-hear track, the California native announced that more will be coming this Friday (March 31) on THE ESTATE SALE edition of his 2021 project, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Aside from the exciting new music, fans also get to see their favourite artist on today’s episode of RapCaviar Presents on Hulu.

In a clip reposted by HipHopDX on Twitter, the OFWGKTA leader reflects on his favourite parts of his highly coveted job. “We’re good with words. We’re good with rhythm. We know pockets. We hear a collection of sounds and one thing and say, ‘Ahh, I know what could go over this,’ that takes a skill,” Tyler explained of the unique talents he and his contemporaries have. He also shared that being able to understand different “narratives” and express what you’re feeling verbally is an incredible feeling to have as a creative.

Tyler, The Creator on RapCaviar Presents

For the 32-year-old, it sounds as though another bonus of rap superstardom is the ability to explore different creative avenues. “You could be multiple choice,” he told viewers. “You could be into this and you could be into this, and you could be into that. It’s ABC. I’m a rapper. I’m also a producer. I’m also a fucking hot dog.” Tyler then addressed the fact that young teenagers with aspirations of working in the industry have such a limited scope of how much creative freedom truly exists for them.

“You got some young kid like 13 thinking, ‘Oh I got to make bravado rap, [or] damn I gotta talk about what you think you would have to talk about in a rap song,’ [but] no, you don’t,” he went on to say. “When I’m flexing on these songs, it’s just about the shit that I really like.” Will you be tuning into Tyler, The Creator’s full episode of RapCaviar Presents on Hulu? Let us know in the comments, and check out his latest single, “Sorry Not Sorry” below.

Check Out His Latest Single, “Sorry Not Sorry”


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