April 24, 2024

Wale Is Not Answering Your FaceTime Calls


Don’t try to FaceTime Wale. Don’t even try to call him on the phone. The rapper has revealed that he refuses to answer calls due to his introverted nature. Wale, who is now 38 years old, says that he feels overwhelmed by the calls. It may seem like an insignificant comment, but it says a lot about how the cultural climate has shifted in terms of mental health and boundaries. For many, Wale likely included, there was a time when not answering a phone call or a text immediately was considered extremely rude. It didn’t matter if you were busy or overwhelmed. That’s just the way it was. Now, with mental health having become such a popular topic of conversation, it seems that many find it easier to express themselves freely. Wale is just one of many artists that have begun openly speaking about their mental health and setting boundaries publicly.

Since the advent of the age of constant communication and instant gratification, it seems pretty clear that mental health has taken a sharp decline for many, many people. Having to always be “on” affects everyone, celebrity or not. This is largely in part due to things like social media and cell phones, which have allowed us to be watched and communicated with at all times. In the past, you may have been able to take some time to think about what you wanted to say before you said it. Now, if you don’t reply to a message or speak out on an issue quickly enough, you’re maligned for it. FaceTime is yet another avenue of communication that expects you to be ready to speak face-to-face at all times. Luckily, the conversation is changing, and more and more people are speaking out on the effects of these technological advancements on mental health.

The Mental Health Movement

Wale's Instagram Story
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On his Instagram stories, Wale made it clear that he has no intention of taking FaceTime calls anymore. It was a refreshingly candid post that represents what a large majority of people have been feeling in regard to these types of communication. In the story, which he signed off as “overwhelmed introvert”, Wale said, “Don’t ever FaceTime me. Please and thank u. My phone is broke and even if it’s new it’s broke… FaceTime don’t work. Thank you.”

Wale is not the only celebrity that’s making headlines for speaking out on his mental health and boundaries this week. Andre Drummond, player for the Chicago Bulls, has also announced that he is taking a break from all social media and changing his number due to mental health issues. Recently, many others have done the same. The Game, Selena Gomez, Killer Mike, and SZA are just a few of the big names that have spoken publicly about mental health. With any luck, the movement will be taken more seriously as more people in the public eye continue to talk about it. What are your thoughts on the movement to prioritize mental health? Sound off in the comments below.


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