April 24, 2024

Isiah Thomas Believes This Team Should Scare The NBA


Isiah Thomas knows what it takes to win an NBA title. The former Detroit Pistons guard has two rings of his own. Thomas has recently been in the spotlight with his comments on Michael Jordan. As well as his thoughts on the current game. When asked who could be the most dangerous team in the playoffs this season, Thomas didn’t hesitate. The Basketball Hall-of-Famer believes that the old guard could be the most dangerous squad. Look out for LeBron James and the Los Angles Lakers.

Thomas appeared on NBA on TNT and announced his thoughts on the Lakers. Isiah stated, “A month ago, we had the Lakers dead… and now they’re 8th. I forget who said nobody fears LeBron. Them 7 teams, 1 through 7, there’s not one team that’s saying ‘I want to play LeBron and the Lakers in the first round.’” While no one should ever count out LeBron, the choice comes as a surprise. The Lakers will have a tough potential road to the NBA Finals.

Isiah Thomas Believes In The Lakers

Barring a catastrophe, the Lakers will be one of the four teams in the play-in tournament. However, the play-in tournament will be no easy out. As it stands currently, the four teams in the play-in are only separated by one game. A potential meeting between the Lakers and Pelicans would be an NBA fan’s dream. The play-in tournament is set to begin on April 11th and run until the 14th. Both the Eastern and Western Conferences will participate.

Isiah Thomas may not be off base with his Lakers prediction. Maybe Thomas has seen what happened in March Madness and believes that anyone can bring home the crown. If the Lakers were to win the Finals, it would be among one of the most impressive feats of all time. Do you think Thomas’ prediction can become a reality? Are the Lakers a serious threat to the championship? If not the Lakers, then who will be holding the trophy in the end? Drop your predictions in the comment section below. For the latest NBA news, stay locked in with us here at HNHH.

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