April 25, 2024

Latto Reveals Age Jokes From Internet Trolls Bother Her, Thinks She “Looks Like An Old White Woman”


Dealing with online criticism is never easy, but once you reach celebrity status, the hate coming your way feels seemingly endless – just ask Latto, who got candid about what comments bother her during the debut episode of her 777 Radio show. For her first interview, the rap diva spoke with R&B starlet Chloe Bailey, whose debut solo album, In Pieces came out today (March 31). During their chat, the girls not only chatted about past relationship rumours surrounding them but also their thoughts on the often nasty online discourse that runs rampant.

“Even things we weren’t insecure about, people will poke on,” the Swarm actress pointed out to her friend. “Yeah! Like me looking old,” Latto interjected, making it known that she’s not fond of people acting surprised to find out that she’s only 24 years old. “You don’t look old,” Bailey reassured her as the “Wheelie” hitmaker laughed. “That’s crazy!” The host went on to explain that she often sees herself compared to older white women, which seemingly triggers some sort of negative reaction within her.

Latto and Chlöe Discuss Internet Hate

“I can’t, that’s the things that be going through our heads!” the Atlanta-born vocalist said while giggling. “It is!” Latto agreed. “And it’s all because of social media though, it really is… I can’t say all, but, like you said, it just heightens your insecurities,” she added. “And makes up new ones!” Bailey chimed in, causing her friend to reply, “I never thought I looked old until I read it on the internet and now I just think I look like an old white woman.”

Aside from that hilarious snippet, the first episode of 777 Radio also saw Bailey address past rumours about a fling between her and Quavo. While she didn’t expressly explain their history, she did label the Migos member a “really nice guy,” also praising his locs. Gossip surrounding the rapper and R&B artist began flying after they were filming Praise This together, though nothing was ever officially confirmed. Check out Chlöe’s full conversation with Latto below, and tap back in later for more pop culture news updates.

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