April 25, 2024

LeBron James Finds Support In Twitter Checkmark Strike


LeBron James isn’t the only star not interested in Twitter Blue. Earlier today, James tweeted that he will not be subscribing to the Twitter Blue service. Meaning that James will no longer have a verified account on the social platform. Many are taking James’ lead on the matter and declining the subscription. Now it seems that James may have some support in his strike against Twitter Blue. That support comes in the form of a few stars from the NFL world.

Patrick Mahomes, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Tyreek Hill all voiced their support for James in a few funny tweets. The reigning Super Bowl champion wanted to know when Twitter was taking away the certification checkmarks. That’s when Valdes-Scantling quote tweeted Mahomes pleading for his followers to jokingly pay for Mahomes’ subscription. Mahomes hilariously answered back that he can’t afford the service due to his kids. Then, Tyreek Hill said that Twitter can keep its checkmark if the service is $8. Check out the string of Tweets below.

LeBron James Has Started The Twitter Checkmark Strike Revolution

Athletes seem to be having a little fun with Elon Musk’s new idea for the social platform. A subscription-based service for a free social site does seem a little much. The start of Twitter Blue doesn’t look to be going strong, with top celebrities not buying in. The age of misinformation is bound to only grow with official accounts no longer being a sure thing. Sports media channels have already fallen for fake tweets by certified accounts that appear to be trolls.

James was the first big name to disapprove of the move. Now, it seems that other big names will be following suit. Twitter has long been a place for free communication with those you may not see on a daily basis. Lately, it has been more of a troll-infested negative wasteland. What will it mean for Twitter with celebrities not being verified? Will people be looking for a new place to virtually hang out? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter Blue in the comment section below. As always, stay with us here at HNHH for the latest news in the world of sports.

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