April 24, 2024

Offset Claims Quality Control Music Is Interfering With Ability To Release Music: Report


The rift between Offset and Quality Control may seem quiet on social media, but it’s heating up in the courtroom. The Migos star has gone to war with the label he once loved concerning his rights as a solo artist. Rumors about tension within Migos surfaced, and they were bolstered when Takeoff and Quavo released a joint project, Unc & Phew. Offset then pursued his solo career, which was quickly halted when the news of a lawsuit was shared.

The rapper reportedly took Quality Control Music to court, and they’ve been warring over who owns his solo recordings. The label wants to be credited, but it seems Offset is looking to distance himself. Radar Online claims to have obtained documents about the case, and the Rap star reportedly said QCM was interfering with his ability to release new music. In 2021, reads the documents, Set “came to understand the full ramification of the deal that he entered into.”

Offset & Quality Control Music At Odds

DECATUR, GA – August 23: Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Offset of the Group “Migos” attend Lil Yachty’s Surprise Birthday Lunch at Cici’s Pizza on August 23, 2016 in Decatur, Georgia.

After reviewing his contract, Set wanted to fly solo, contending he and QCM even negotiated a deal. In it, he could “reclaim the rights to his solo recording and songwriting,” Radar reported. Further, Offset stated he paid his label “handsomely” for the rights to his music. However, after releasing his track “54321,” QCM reportedly attempted to claim rights to the song.

“Offset now brings this action to vindicate his rights and make it clear to the world that Offset, not Quality Control, owns Offset’s music,” the lawsuit read. Meanwhile, Quality Control Music has asked for the suit to be tossed. According to Radar Online: “The label claimed it had an agreement with Capitol Records that required Capitol to assign all of Capitol’s rights in sound recordings obtained by Quality Control’s ‘Accepted Artist’ that it had furnished to Capitol back to Quality Control.” The rapper wants his newer agreement with QCM to trump whatever agreement the label had.

New Beginnings

Additionally, the rapper’s lawyer stated, “Quality Control no longer owns the copyright to Offset’s solo sound recordings and is no longer licensing Offset’s solo sound recordings to Capitol, and Capitol has acquired ownership of Offset’s solo sound recordings directly from Offset.” We’ll keep you updated as this case continues to unfold.


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