April 21, 2024

GloRilla Shoots Her Shot With Rubi Rose


GloRilla just shot her shot with Rubi Rose during a recent interview with Angela Yee- at least, hypothetically. Moreover, the Memphis MC and the two podcast hosts seemed to be discussing the topic of threesomes, with Yee saying she’s never been in one. When Glo said that it would have to be two girls and a guy (but not her main), they got into more details. Furthermore, it was during that discussion that GloRilla revealed that she thinks Rose looks fine, and that the other girl would have to “look like her.”

What’s more is that Angela asked the “F.N.F.” hitmaker about what type of girl she would like in that scenario. Although it might seem like taboo to some, all voices involved spoke with respect and were just having some fun. At the moment of writing this article, DDG’s ex hasn’t responded to these comments. However, given Glo’s incredible visibility and Rubi’s prolific social media presence, a link-up wouldn’t be surprising. Still, both have a lot on their plate at the moment, and one in particular has other romantic matters to address.

GloRilla Praises Rubi Rose’s Looks

Furthermore, Rubi Rose recently got involved in dating rumors with French Montana after they were spotted grabbing dinner. Despite what some fans believed, though, the rapper and model had to dispel those rumors relatively quickly on Twitter. “Dang… i can’t go out to eat now,” she tweeted to fans after she saw a lot of speculation and buzz. While Montana himself hasn’t responded to rumors, it seems that Rose’s tweet was enough to dispel the gossip. The only thing that would make people forget it would be if they’re spotted again, and that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, GloRilla blasted a new song from Money Man that name drops her and references her body type. “Skinny b***h inside my DMs, she remind me of GloRilla,” he rapped on the track “Saweetie” in which he also references the “ICY GRL.” Then, after fans mentioned it to her on social media, the 23-year-old responded to the mention. “Hey guys what song is this??????????? I hate it,” she tweeted. Regardless of those clapbacks, come back to HNHH for the latest on Rubi Rose and GloRilla.

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