April 21, 2024

Blueface’s Net Worth: Rapper Says Number Online Is “Pretty Accurate”


Despite having a vase thrown at him by his future baby mama on Instagram Live this weekend, Blueface appears to be relatively unbothered. He and Chrisean Rock have since shrugged off their public physical spat. Of course, it certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen them come to blows in front of a camera. Rather than dwell on the heated altercation, the “Thotiana” rapper has been discussing his net worth on Twitter. Other artists have previously disputed the numbers linked to their names on Google. He, on the other hand, claims that his is practically on point.

“My net worth is pretty accurate,” the 26-year-old told his followers on Sunday (April 2) afternoon. “Which is kinda weird to me, ’cause how do they know [for real]?” Blueface then asked, prompting trolls to offer up some funny responses. “They add up every bar you rap about money and give it a weight value,” one person quipped. “Then sum total that bitch, it’s pretty simple maths,” they added. Someone else provided a screenshot of a source claiming that the controversial figure is worth an estimated $5 million.

Blueface Seemingly Confirms His Net Worth

At the start of 2023, Blueface revealed on social media that he had earned nearly $800K on OnlyFans. While some celebrities with accounts on the often-salacious site sell their nudes in exchange for money, the father of two has kept his privates to himself, instead opting to tantalize and tease subscribers with thirst traps that don’t give away the full package. “Crazy work, good salary,” he previously said of selling content. Other sources of income for him include streaming royalties and his Crazy In Love reality series with Chrisean Rock, which has already wrapped its first season.

Aside from the comedic responses from trolls, plenty of other Twitter users let Blueface know they were surprised to see that he’s “only” worth $5M. “For as much clout as you and Rock generate I thought you were worth much more [than that],” one person told the Californian. “[You] been inna game how long Blue?” another account holder asked. “[You] worth 4M, Chrisean worth 2M.” Keep scrolling for more reactions to the entertainer’s post about his money moves, and check back later for any hip-hop news updates.

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