April 25, 2024

Kevin Garnett’s Message To Ben Simmons


Kevin Garnett is one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. The Hall-of-Famer has always been known for his strong personality. A trait that has set him apart from many of his competitors. Sometimes even former teammates. So, when Garnett has an opinion on the game of basketball, you’ll hear the honest truth. No matter how painful it may be to hear. Garnett recently discussed his thoughts on the issues with Ben Simmons. Simmons’ career hasn’t gone the way many believed for the former number-one overall pick. The questions have been heating up since Simmons’ exit from Philadelphia. Just what is holding back his greatness?

Simmons’ one year in college at LSU was a sight to see. Watching a 6’10 point guard control every aspect of the game is not seen often. One could imagine why so many believed he was the guy in the 2016 draft. Now, it seems as if Simmons could be considered one of the biggest draft busts of his generation. The Australian guard never found his footing with his jump shot. An issue that has stuck with him since his college days. However, an issue that many believed could be fixed. So how can Simmons return to being an impactful player? Garnett’s not sure there’s even an answer.

Kevin Garnett Pleas With Ben Simmons To Find The Love

Garnett has one thought on Simmons’ struggles. That is that his heart isn’t in the game. That thought has been a talking point on Simmons for quite some time now. Simmons didn’t play at all last season and has only appeared in 42 games this year for the Nets. Many people with the sport don’t believe Simmons has the mental toughness to succeed in the league. It’s hard to rule that thought out of the equation, as Simmons has seemed to struggle with adversity.

The questions of mental toughness are plausible. So are questions about his physical limits. Simmons has only played over 60 games twice in his five years in the league. Next season will answer many questions that people have about Simmons. Kevin Garnett doesn’t seem to be rooting against the young man. However, guys like Garnett know that your heart must fully be in this game in order to be successful. Does Garnett have a point on his thoughts about Simmons? Will we ever see Ben Simmons at his full potential? Let us know in the comment section below what your thoughts are. For more on the NBA and the latest in sports, stay right here with HNHH.


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