April 25, 2024

Kyrie Irving Opens Up On Future Plans


Kyrie Irving’s time in Dallas has been less than a dream come true. The Mavericks’ point guard has had a career year in points per game, at 27. However, the Mavericks have not been able to click as an overall team. The Mavericks will miss the post-season this year. Which has been incredibly shocking to everyone around the league. With so much turmoil around the franchise, players have already been discussing their future. Last night, Irving spoke about his future with the organization.

When speaking with the media after last night’s loss to the Hawks, Irving was completely transparent in discussing his future. “I’ll set my plans once I sign with a potential shoe brand. That’s usually how it goes in my scheduling from June to August — usually planning an Asia trip or China trip specifically. Once I sign with a shoe brand, I’ll start wrapping around in kind of this international world tour to introduce myself as a new brand signee or signature athlete.”

Kyrie Irving Seeking New Shoe Deal

Irving seeking a new sneaker deal is no secret. After a controversial stance toward an antisemitic film, Irving’s deal with Nike was terminated. Since the incident, Irving has made steps in learning more about the Jewish culture and is open to challenging himself on learning about other cultures. Irving doesn’t plan on making any decision on his playing future until he has a new sneaker deal locked in. As for said sneaker deal, no reports have been released on any brands speaking with Irving at this time.

However, it seems Irving seems certain that a new shoe deal is inevitable. Irving is one of the biggest stars in the league. So, assuming a new sneaker deal is on the way isn’t too far-fetched. It looks as if Dallas will have to wait on Irving’s playing plans. Do you believe Irving will return to Dallas? If not, where is the perfect landing spot for the All-Star point guard? Let us know in the comment section below where you believe Irving will be next season. For the latest news on the NBA and the sneaker world, stay locked in with us at HNHH.


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