April 21, 2024

Caitlin Clark Supports Angel Reese Amid Trash Talk Drama


Caitlin Clark became a bonafide star over this past weekend. The Iowa star dazzled fans with her play on the court and her trash-talk game. Trash talk has long been a part of athletics. It just so happens Clark is one of the best in her sport. However, if you’re known for being a trash talker, you have to be ready to get it back even worse. After LSU defeated Clark’s Hawkeyes in the National Championship, Tigers star Angel Reese did exactly that.

Reese signaled to Clark with the “You Can’t See Me” pose that was made famous by WWE star John Cena. A call back to Clark using the pose during Iowa’s victory over Louisville. Since the moment happened with Reese, folks have been choosing sides. Some believe that what Reese did was unprofessional and classless. While others believe that things like this are a part of the game. Clark reveals what side of the debate she stands on.

Caitlin Clark Wants Trash Talk In The Game

Angel Reese #10 of the LSU Lady Tigers reacts towards Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes during the fourth quarter during the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament championship game at American Airlines Center on April 02, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Clark believes that moments like this are good for the game of basketball. In an interview with Outside The Lines, Clark said she sees nothing wrong with Reese’s actions. “Men have always had trash talk. … You should be able to play with that emotion. … That’s how every girl should continue to play,” Clark stated. The basketball star went even further, saying, “I don’t think Angel should be criticized at all.” That statement by Caitlin Clark should put the entire argument to rest.

Quite possibly, the greatest Final Four in women’s basketball history has been shadowed by nonsensical debates. If anything, the trash talk between players only brought more eyes and a spotlight on the players. However, these debates should take a back seat to the performances of these women. Do you feel that Reese’s celebration was a little too much? Or do you think that something like this does make the game fun? Let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comment section below. For more of the latest news in sports, stay right here at HNHH.


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