April 21, 2024

Cam’ron’s Reaction To Pat Beverley’s Strange Pre-Game No-No


Cam’Ron had a hilarious reaction to Patrick Beverley’s latest comments on his pre-game rituals. The Chicago Bulls star admitted he doesn’t have sex before games. A bizarre yet not entirely unheard of thing that athletes have stated they do. Cam’ron, on the other hand, believes that shouldn’t be an issue for Beverley. On Wednesday’s episode of It Is What It Is, the legendary rapper brought up Beverley’s hold-up on physical activities before games.

The “Got It For Cheap” musician didn’t hold back his feelings on the awkward pre-game ritual. “You averaging a single-single, you my n—- but go get you some p—- before the game.” The comment is a strong one directed right at Beverley. The rap star doesn’t believe sex is stopping how Beverley performs on the court. That is because he believes Beverley’s impact on the game is minuscule, to say a LeBron James or Kevin Durant. Check out the entire episode of It Is What It Is, below.

Cam’ron Doesn’t Believe Beverley Should Partake In Bizarre Pre-Game Ritual

Beverley isn’t one to hold back his opinions. The long-time NBA veteran has discussed many things on his own show, The Pat Bev Pod. Just recently, Beverley discussed his feelings on trying to play spoiler to LeBron and the Lakers playoff run. Including the now-famous interaction between Beverley and LeBron during the Bulls win over the Lakers. However, now it seems Beverley is at the forefront of the joke. It appears as if Cam’ron was having a little fun with someone he considers a friend.

We have yet to hear Beverley’s thoughts on the comment. While I’m sure, he won’t take them lightly. Considering the comment is a shot at his performance on the court. Something tells me the next episode of Beverley’s podcast may have a direct quote for a particular rap star. What are your thoughts on the comments about Beverley? Do you feel the “My Job” artist went a little too far attacking Pat’s performance? Or do you feel this was just a funny comment that isn’t that deep? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. For the latest news involving the NBA, please stick with us at HNHH.


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