April 24, 2024

6 Treys Member Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Avenge Nas Blixky’s Shooting


Nas Blixky survived a shooting earlier this year, and an alleged member of the 6 Treys gang was arrested by police for recently and reportedly trying to avenge it. Moreover, the rapper fortunately survived, a fate that others in his camp unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see. Furthermore, the New York Daily News reported that 22-year-old Taj Zeigler was arrested and detained at Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday (April 7). According to the charges, Zeigler tried to shoot the person responsible for the attack on Nas on January 28, 2022, just six days after Blixky was shot.

However, his efforts proved unsuccessful, and he hit no such target. To elaborate, Zeigler reportedly belongs to the 6 Treys, an offshoot of the Folk Nation Gangster Disciples that Larry Hoover founded in 1960s Chicago. Not only that, but police were able to identify Zeigler (who wore a mask during the shooting) because of footage showing him wearing “black Marmot-brand puffer jacket and two-toned black and grey sneakers.” Through some social media sleuthing, authorities found that said outfit is similar to one he wore in various videos and pictures.

6 Treys Member Arrested For Attempting Revenge For Nas Blixky Shooting

Moreover, his charges include possessing ammunition as a felon, and additional charges are unknown as of writing this article. After Nas Blixky’s shooting, his stepfather told the aforementioned publication that he’d retire from the game. “On Facebook they’re saying he’s dead but he’s still alive,” he stated. “The rapper Nas Blixky is dead. The stage name is gone. Many people want him dead. I told him he’s better than that. You want him dead? He’s dead. He’ll be back with better music and better lyrics.”

Meanwhile, Nas Blixky fought back against these claims in a Complex interview. “I f**k all these n***as’ b***hes. I’m the flyest,” he said. “Sometimes I can get cocky with it, ’cause it’s the n***as that be coming at me. But sometimes I be humble with it, you feel me? ’Cause, just like this, it can be taken from you. I got my cocky s**t out… now it’s time to fall back and lay low. I ain’t never done dissin’.” Furthermore, along with 23 other alleged gang members, he faces charges of attempted murder, conspiracy, endangerment, and more. For more updates on the Nas Blixky case, stick around on HNHH.


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