April 25, 2024

Cam’ron Disses Michael B. Jordan & Jonathan Majors, Gets Blasted For It


The Dipset leader recently caught a lot of flack online for his criticism of Creed III‘s stars. Moreover, Cam’ron posted some pictures of Jonathan Majors hugging Michael B. Jordan from behind with the caption “The reason I didn’t go see creed.” Of course, a lot of people online were quick to express their problems with this post, as it engages in potentially homophobic or hyper-masculine rhetoric. As many pointed out in the comments, these are just two actors posing for pictures that are clearly just good friends. Still, some like Uncle Murda and Fabulous laughed at the post, and therefore at the two actors’ closeness.

It was actually good,” one user expressed in Cam’ron’s comments section. “Please let’s not promote ‘that’ narrative. Black not love/joy and friendship looks good on Blackman.” Others remarked that the New York MC really showed his age and old-headed mentality with this post. “The older you get bro I swear you get childish,” a fan commented, with another pointing out some discrepancies in Killa Cam’s argument. “That movie came out before these pictures hit the internet so this can’t be the reason you didn’t see the movie. You look like a hater and you reaching for this one.”

Cam’ron Clowns Michael B. Jordan & Jonathan Majors

“Says the lady in pink,” another clapped back, with a supporter adding, “You and Jim jones got pics like this. Tread lightly.” However, some comments took much stronger issue with Cam’ron’s post and pointed out biases and generational circumstances that get men to this point. “Black love and men embracing each other should be a normal everyday occurrence like it is in other cultures. The reason why a lot of these men out here kissing other men is because they didn’t get that type of intimate relationship with their own fathers. Male children also need kisses and hugs from their dads. But y’all don’t want to talk about that! And what’s sad if there were guns in this photo you would have wanted to see the movie. Black men tend to over compensate with violence because they are really hurting and lacking healthy intimacy on the inside.”

Meanwhile, this post actually comes at a bit of a strange moment for Jonathan Majors in particular. Moreover, he recently fell under police custody for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, although he’s since been let out as his lawyers argue his innocence. Many fans expressed shock at the news, and the jury’s still out on whether this reportedly false accusation forms part of a larger pattern. Regardless, stay logged into HNHH for the latest on Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan, and Cam’ron.


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