April 12, 2024

Logan Paul Renews WWE Contract


Logan Paul has been turning a lot of heads since his WWE debut. The YouTube star has been a welcomed surprise for the company in just a short time. While most celebrity appearances end up being a groan from the audience. However, Paul has proved to have the athletic ability to hold his own inside the squared circle. On Monday, the WWE announced the re-signing of Paul. Now fans are beginning to speculate when will be the next time they see Paul in the ring.

Paul’s last appearance with the company was at Wrestlemania 39. Wrestlemania is the biggest spectacle the WWE puts on every year. Although Paul didn’t come up victorious in his match with Seth Rollins. The social media star stole the night with an accidental ariel attack on his business partner KSI. The move was posted all over social media. Hence, KSI may have dressed as a PRIME energy drink during the contest. A moment that WWE and Paul fans will always remember for the pure insanity of it all.

Logan Paul Staying With WWE

The WWE has long been known for seeking entertainment stars to perform for the company. But not many have put on a better performance than Paul. Of course, you can put Mr. T and Mike Tyson on the list of incredible performers coming from outside the professional realm. However, nobody has proven their professional wrestling talents quicker than Paul. The WWE will not wait long to have him involved in another storyline. Although Paul may not feel the same.

Logan Paul’s stardom continues to grow from his WWE stint. While his brother Jake has become a star in the boxing ring. It seems as if Paul has found his footing in another athletic space. However, it could only be just a matter of time before both brothers share the WWE banner. Do you believe that we will see both Paul’s in the WWE soon? What are your thoughts on Logan’s recent performance with the WWE? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. For more news on professional wrestling, keep it right here at HNHH.

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