April 21, 2024

Stephen A. Smith Says Trump Is Not Racist


Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to making a headline. The ESPN First Take host makes a headline almost every day. However, this headline doesn’t involve Smith’s usual sports takes. But rather his opinion on discussions in the political realm. Recently, Smith was asked about his thoughts on former United States President Donald Trump. At one time, Smith claimed to be friends with the former President. Now that seems like days gone by. However, Smith thinks he knows what has changed in Trump.

“I think he’s changed, but I will tell you this: I think when people call him racist and stuff like that, I’ve never thought of Trump that way. He’s not against black people, he’s against all things not named Trump.” Smith is of the belief that Trump only cares about what is best for him. But that Trump is not a racist like many claims to think he is. The media legend even discussed a phone call with Trump, which the former president discussed in hopes of attacking the NFL.

Stephen A. Smith Believes Trump Is Selfish

Smith went on to discuss his political beliefs. Saying, “I don’t believe that. I think that I have conservative views, I’m unapologetic about that…Am I beyond voting for a Republican? Absolutely not. I am beyond voting for Trump.” It is not often we see a sports figure discuss the topic of politics. The topic can turn ugly rather quickly. However, Smith, as he states, is unapologetic. The legendary sports host isn’t afraid to go where others might avoid.

The conversation with Stephen A. Smith was an interesting view. Usually, when sports and politics get mixed, it can be a headache for all involved. But Smith was an open book on his views. Plus, his thoughts on his former friend Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it is almost time for another United States Presidental Election circuit. I would much rather watch the Burger King Whopper commercial on loop than discuss politics. However, we want to hear your voice. What are your thoughts on Smith’s comments regarding Donald Trump? Let us know your opinions on the matter in the comment section. For the latest news in sports and politics, keep it locked in here at HNHH.


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