April 25, 2024

NBA Announces Top 10 Best-Selling Jerseys


The NBA recently dropped the top 10 best-selling jerseys of the season. A lot of names you would expect made the list. While some may surprise you. The rankings are as follows: 10 – Kyrie Irving, 9 – Damian Lillard, 8 – Ja Moranr, 7 – Devin Booker, 6 – Kevin Durant, 5 – Luka Doncic, 4 – Giannis Antetokounmpo, 3 – Jayson Tatum, 2 – Steph Curry, 1 – LeBron James. “The King” once again remains supreme at the top of the list. LeBron has long been a member of the top 10 best-selling jerseys.

The top two spots still belong to the old guard, with Curry taking second. However, there is a lot of new blood in the top 10. Tatum, Luka, and Giannis are still the future of the league. All three are the leaders of their respective franchises. While Giannis has become a legend during his time with the Milwaukee Bucks. Tatum and Doncic are still building their legacies in Boston and Dallas. A complete list of the top 15 best-selling jerseys can be seen below.

LeBron Takes The Throne Of The Best Selling NBA Jerseys

Maybe the biggest surprise is seeing Jordan Poole make the top 15. Poole has been a pleasant surprise for the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors will be trying to defend their championship this season. The maturation and growth of Poole gives the team a fighting chance. Two superstars that surprisingly missed the top 10 would be Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid. Jokic is a back-to-back MVP winner, with Embiid looking like the favorite for the award this season. However, the two haven’t found post-season success. Maybe this season will change that for both MVP candidates.

NBA jerseys are some of the top jerseys sold in all of sports. Having the best players’ jerseys has always been a top priority with fans. Even collecting jerseys and not wearing them has become a popular trend. Whatever the case may be, it seems fans still want a piece of the James legacy. Were there any names that didn’t make the list that you thought would have? Looking into the future, who will top the list next season? Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions in the comment section. For the latest news regarding the NBA, keep it right here with HNHH.

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