April 21, 2024

King Von’s Mom Shares Touching High School Photos


King Von’s mom posted some sweet photos of him as part of a throwback on her social media. The post comes just days after the release of a Youtube documentary about Von that alleges he murdered ten people before he himself was killed. The video was made by Youtuber Trap Lore Ross. After it was posted, it was subsequently taken down. The reasons for this are still unknown. When it happened, Ross simply took to Twitter to announce that he was working on getting it back up. It could have been a simple copyright strike for something in the video. On the other hand, Von’s team may have been trying to get it taken down. It has since been reinstated.

The documentary isn’t the only thing that’s come out in the press about King Von. In 2021, the FBI named Von as the culprit in the killing of 17-year-old Gakirah “K.I.” Barnes. Both the rapper and Barnes were members of Chicago gangs. Earlier this year, FBI witnesses also revealed that he had put a $100k hit out on FBG Duck. Just days later, Duck’s mother took to Instagram to reveal that Von was also involved in the killing of Boss Trell. “Von allegedly killed Trell, him, and T. Roy,” she said. “Only the streets know and only the people who did it know, so that’s why I’m saying ‘allegedly’.”

Von’s Mom Remembers Him Fondly

Although King Von may have been “Rap’s First Serial Killer,” as the documentary alleges, his mother remembers him as a son. In her throwback post, there are two pictures of a young Von. The first is a picture of the late rapper on what looks to be graduation day. The second is a school picture in which Von wears a green button-up shirt dress shirt. The pictures show King Von in a very different light than the documentary, and it shows that he was a complex person. Commenters, however, were quick to point out that he was not so innocent.

Instagram account No Jumper reposted the photos, and many users took to the comments to sound off their opinions. One pointed out, “Already had 2 bodies.” This is in reference to the fact that Von had allegedly already begun killing as a teenager. Another user chimed in to say, “Bro was a literal living baby demon catching bodies.” Regardless of King Von’s history, it is always heartbreaking to see a mother that has to grieve a dead child. What do you think of the photos? Let us know in the comments!

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