April 21, 2024

Radio Stations in GTA V We want in GTA 6


The Grand Theft Auto songs from the radio stations are just as essential as the gameplay. Listening to the radio stations is one of the best parts of GTA V. Players have a wide variety of stations to choose from with multiple music genres. One of the fascinating aspects of these stations was the DJs that hosted them. These ranged from cemented legends like Bootsy Collins and Pam Grier to modern legends like Frank Ocean. Since the game has been out so long, they even added a new station with popular songs from this current time. Since talking about GTA 6 is something players will do until it is fully revealed, we’ve gathered some of our favorite stations we want to see in the upcoming game.

Space 103.2

We want to see songs from this station in GTA 6 because sometimes you need to appreciate the old school. Bootsy Collins hosts this one and does an excellent job at it. We welcome his iconic voice and catchphrases when we hear them between songs. This station is home to funk songs of the ’70s and early ’80s. Additionally, Bootsy’s classic hit “I’d Rather Be With You” is on this station but there are other great funk songs too. These include “Flash Light” by Parliament and “Back and Forth” by Cameo. However, these songs are usually more celebrated by a generation ahead of most GTA players, but they still sound good. We think this station should return because while GTA Online is a warzone, you can still find time to dance while speeding around.

The Lowdown 91.1

Once again, songs from this station being in GTA 6 help us appreciate the old school. Host Pam Grier is an iconic actress from the ’70s until today, and naturally, she plays music from decades ago. These songs are all soul, and many of the artists are groups with “The” in their names. Hearing artists that sound like weekend cleaning music we grew up on is a significant contrast to the antics of GTA, but it works. Pam Grier’s cool and clever rhymes match the station’s atmosphere well. Furthermore, her DJ name is “Mama G,” which, again, fits the theme of the station perfectly. Those who appreciate soulful samples might find some on this station they recognize.

iFruit Radio

We would like to see songs from this station in GTA 6 because it gives us modern music. Other stations have multiple songs from the 2010s, and forward; however, this one was different. When they added it to the game in 2019, it had songs that were playing on radios in real life that day. These included chart-toppers like “Hot (Remix)” by Young Thug feat. Gunna and Travis Scott, and “Cash Sh*t” by Megan Thee Stallion feat. DaBaby. Danny Brown and Skepta hosted this station, and Danny brought his signature laugh and humor with him. For some players, GTA is enjoyed separately from the real world. However, sometimes we want a slight overlap. With a station like this in GTA 6, we can hear our favorite big hits of the time.

Blonded Los Santos 97.8

We may not get songs for this station exactly in GTA 6, but we should get some sort of equivalent. Frank Ocean hosts this station as himself, along with Vegyn, Roof Access, and Fed. Frank Ocean’s Blonde album was released in 2016. They added this station to the game in 2017. Naturally, there are several songs from his discography on this station, including tracks from Blonde. With Frank being the music lover he is, there is a wide range of music on this station. Artists played ranged from Jay-Z to Lil Uzi Vert to Marvin Gaye. With Frank’s reclusive behavior, it’s not likely he’ll return for a station like this. However, getting a station from someone as unique as him would be interesting. Perhaps Donald Glover or LaKeith Stanfield?

West Coast Classics

This is a station we want songs from in GTA 6. However, we may not get it. The game is rumored to take place in a Miami-esque location that is not West Coast-based like Los Santos. However, the game is also rumored to have multiple locations, so we’ll just have to wait and see. This station is home to classics from the ’90s West Coast rap era. Hosted by DJ Pooh, there are classics from Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, N.W.A and more. In GTA Online, you can get a supercar just as quickly as a lowrider. You’ll probably enjoy riding around listening to this station more in the latter.

The Lab

This station would have a lot of songs to choose from in GTA 6. It is hosted by The Alchemist and Oh No, whose DJ personas are Chemical Bro and Dr. No. It plays songs from their collab album The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos. Furthermore, these are the only songs it plays. However, this station still has range, including Little Dragon, Ab-Soul, Samuel T. Herring, and more.

They added this station to the game in 2015, and The Alchemist has released much music since then. An updated version could include songs he’s produced for Boldy James, Conway The Machine, and Larry June. Furthermore, these artists mention various situations involving cars in their music all the time. It’s only right they include them in GTA 6.

Radio Los Santos

We know the songs on this station will be under a different name in GTA 6. For one, the game doesn’t take place in Los Santos. Its host, the real-life DJ Big Boy, is also a staple in west coast radio. GTA 6 takes place on the east coast…allegedly. GTA V was initially released in 2013, and many songs on the station were released that year, too. For players, this made the game feel like it was truly happening in the present time. Having the same concept in GTA 6 would be a great move. Further, an even better one would be to have an east coast DJ host it. Maybe Funkmaster Flex? We think hearing his bombs while throwing bombs at enemies in the game would pair nicely.

What stations do you want to see return in some way in GTA 6? Let us know in the comments section. 


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