April 12, 2024

Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet Dating Rumors Gain Fuel


Kylie Jenner’s biggest boo for many years has been rapper Travis Scott. While the couple officially split in 2019, they have been on and off ever since. That went as far as the pair welcoming their second child, Aire, in 2022. However, as of January 2023, the couple was officially done for good. Since then, Kylie has spent a lot of time dedicated to her two children.

Meanwhile, Chalamet has already compiled an impressive dating resume despite his recent rise to stardom. His earliest celebrity link-up was Lourdes Leon, the eldest daughter of Madonna. He followed her with his The King co-star Lily Rose-Depp, who he later rekindled a romance with two years after their breakup. However, Chalamet’s recent history is a little murkier. Since 2022, he has been possibly linked with Sarah Talabi and Taylor Russell. Despite these rumors, no relationship has been properly confirmed for the Dune star in some time. That said, is Kylie the next on the list?

Jenner’s Car Spotted At Chalamet’s House

According to images captured by TMZ, Kylie Jenner’s car was spotted arriving at Chalamet’s Beverly Hills estate on Thursday. Rumors about the pair have circulated since they were spotted together at Paris Fashion Week in January. Furthermore, rumors have also claimed that the two brought in the New Year together in Aspen. However, as noted by TMZ, this is the first time a house visit has been cataloged. Could be it a simple social visit between these two celebrity powerhouses? Or is this the first major proof of something deeper?

Neither side has said anything regarding a potential relationship, meaning the rumors remain speculation. Some sources claim that the couple will debut at Coachella, which begins today. The California music festival has been a site of dating debuts for both Jenner and Chalamet. However, this is not a relationship the Internet is really behind. When rumors started to gain traction last week, Twitter readily mocked the idea. However, only time will tell if Jenner-Chalamet is the real deal. Who knows, like Khloe’s baby name, maybe all will be revealed when The Kardashians Season 3 premieres next month.


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