June 12, 2024

Fivio Foreign Apologizes To Unpaid Videographer


Fivio Foreign is in the news for more than just his new single today. The New York drill king just released his new banger, “Hot Sauce.” Recently, the rapper missed a performance at Rolling Loud due to health issues. It isn’t clear what those issues were. In a statement about his absence, the rapper said, “Apologize to @RollingLoud & everybody who came out to see me I ain’t make it,” he said. “My first time missing a show and I feel so crazy about it but my body dealing w some real issues.. Juss keep me in yah prayers.”

Fivio’s absence at Rolling Loud came just one month after he admitted that he was struggling with his mental health. “Scratch dat.. I’m not healed I’m depressed..,” he tweeted. However, after missing the Rolling Loud performance, he immediately teased new music in a response to a tweet from Meek Mill. Things looked uncertain for a while there. Now, it looks like Fivio is back in top form with his new single. He’s also showing that he really cares about the people he works with.

Fivio Cares Even When He’s Struggling

A few days ago, a South African videographer tweeted at the rapper. He alleges that he filmed a video for Fivio while he was there for Rocking The Daisy but was never paid. “They booked me to cover his weekend here,” the user said. “I did that, they loved the videos.” Along with the tweet, the user posted some clips of the videos he took of Fivio that weekend. He probably wasn’t expecting such a quick and kind response.

Fivio was quick to hit him back. In a reply, he apologized for the videographer not getting paid. “I deff waznt aware yu never got paid.. was alot of things not being handled rite bacc in these days,” the rapper said. “Not even sure if I used these vids but imma make sure yu get paid NP.. I Apologize.” He told the videographer to message him so he could send the payment. Fivio may be hard in his music, but recently he’s shown himself to be a very empathetic and caring person. What do you think of Fivio’s response to the situation? Let us know in the comments!

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