December 6, 2023

NLE Choppa Pops Out With “Baddies” Star Jela After Rejections From Meagan Good & Ice Spice


After getting rejected twice in recent memory, it seems like NLE Choppa is letting that brush off his shoulder with a new supposed flame. Moreover, “Baddies South” star Jela just posted some pictures of her and Choppa on Instagram with the caption “Expensive conversation.” Furthermore, for those who didn’t see the gossip, the Memphis MC tried shooting his shot with two famous girls: Meagan Good and Ice Spice. Not only that, but he recently doubled down on his love for Good after she expressed that he’s too young for her. However, she did comment on how sweet and respectful he was when they talked.

“I did not [hang up on him],” Meagan Good remarked to TMZ about their phone conversation. “It got disconnected. My mom called and then I called back. He’s a lovely young man. I hate that so many people tried to drag him and make it seem like he was simping. No, he was very sweet, very very respectful. He’s just too young for me.” Meanwhile, the situation with Ice Spice apparently worked out a little differently compared to Choppa’s shot with the actress.

NLE Choppa & Jela Spark Rumors

“I don’t text her no more,” NLE told Jason Lee during an interview in March. “She changed her number. So, I watch from a distance. I see she’s doing a lot of big things.” Then, while talking about his new album Cottonwood 2, Choppa explained to The Breakfast Club hosts their relationship. “People change their number!” exclaimed. “Was I part of the reason? I don’t know… Probably, you never know.” That’s when Charlamagne Tha God asked what his intentions were with linking over text, and whether he was trying to holler at her.

“No” NLE Choppa claimed. “I was business-oriented, and when I hollered she ain’t have no [noise] about it. Yeah, you know what I mean? Slicky, like… I slid in! I asked her, do she like vegan food? That’s probably why she changed her number. She said, ‘This n***a talkin’ ’bout vegan food. Let me get his a** off my line. I’m from the Bronx! We don’t eat no f****ing vegan food,’” he concluded hilariously. Regardless of his love life’s ups and downs, check back in with HNHH for the latest on NLE Choppa.

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