May 30, 2023

Kim Kardashian Posts Steamy Bikini Pic After Sources Say She’s Ready To Date Again


After sources said that she’s apparently ready to date again, Kim Kardashian posted a sultry picture of her in a SKIMS bikini. “I just try on @skims swim and pray it doesn’t rain forever in LA,” the 42-year-old captioned the post. Unfortunately for her, a lot of people also pointed out a few mistakes or oddities in the snap that indicate a rough Photoshop job. Furthermore, fans noted that the most obvious of these examples were her twisted-up fingers, although it can be tough to get that angle with just a hand. Regardless of any touch-ups, it didn’t make people thirst for the socialite any less.

Meanwhile, sources allegedly close to Kim Kardashian have been the ones to speak out publicly concerning her love life, while she remains pretty tight-lipped as of late. “Kim hasn’t been dating, but is ready again,” a source remarked back in March. “She took a breather after Pete, but she is interested now. She would love to date someone who isn’t famous in Hollywood. Someone in finance would be perfect.” As recently as this week, more anonymous friends (or pretenders) continued to gossip about the fashion mogul’s next flame.

Kim Kardashian’s Most Recent Thirst Trap

“Kim Kardashian is more open to dating again and putting herself out there,” a reportedly close source told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday (April 12). “She is feeling good and confident, and is in a great place. Kim and Kanye’s relationship is OK. [They’re] still having some back and forth with a few arguments. Co-parenting healthily is their main goal, and that is always the primary focus for Kim.” Of course, Kim’s love for her and Kanye West’s children is boundless and incredibly apparent on social media.

Most recently, her and North West have been making quite a few TikToks together, and each one seems to capture audiences in a different way. Whether it’s linking with Ice Spice, cooking, or most importantly, spending time with fellow family members, they always have a lot of fun. It might be odd to feel close to a family through social media, but perhaps it’s how they feel close to the world. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Kim Kardashian.


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