June 3, 2023

Gilbert Arenas Claims He Was Better Than Steph Curry at 25


Gilbert Arenas was once a megastar for the Washington Wizards. It seemed as if every night, “Agent 0” was putting on a memorable performance. Arenas was on pace to be one of the greatest to ever play the game. However, injuries robbed him of such an amazing career. Still, everyone remembers the play he was before the injuries. Even Arenas himself knows how talented he was at one time. On a recent episode of the I Am Athlete Podcast, Arenas discussed his talents pre-injury.

However, the discussion then went to if Arenas thought he was better than Steph Curry. That’s when Arenas didn’t hesitate. Arenas believes he was better than Curry, to a certain extent. The former Wizards star stated that if you cut both players’ careers at 25, then he is better than Curry. However, Arenas admits that all-time career, Curry’s resume can’t be matched. To listen to what Arenas had to say on the podcast, check out the video below.

Gilbert Arenas Embraces His Greatness

Arenas discusses the accolades he achieved in such a short period of time. Even mentioning his all-star and all-team achievements stood at 25. Arenas went even further by saying Curry wasn’t a champion by 25. The argument does change when you put the age limit at 25. However, injuries are sadly a part of the game. Which is something Curry knows all about as well. However, this discussion will for sure spark highly contested arguments amongst NBA fans. Arenas makes a compelling case. However, is the argument fair when discussing who is better between the two?

Curry will for sure hear about this clip sooner or later. However, the four-time NBA champion is undoubtedly keeping his focus on the playoffs. Curry’s Warriors lost an exciting game one to the Sacramento Kings. However, that one loss isn’t going to stop the reigning NBA champions from coming back with a vengeance. Gilbert Arenas’ comments are fun to discuss. But the who is better argument is always an all-time discussion. Not a pick and choose of what years can be compared. For the latest NBA news, keep it locked in here with HNHH.


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