June 7, 2023

Reggie Miller’s Bold Claim On Miami Heat Star


Reggie Miller knows how important a scorer is to a team. On Sunday, the Miami Heat saw Tyler Herro go down with a broken hand. An injury that will sideline the Miami star for the next month and a half. Herro’s absence will be a huge loss to the team. However, Miller tends to believe that his injury is the most vital injury of the series. Miller even believes that Herro’s absence is bigger than Giannis’ potential missing time for the Bucks. Yes, those words were actually said.

Toward the end of the Heat and Bucks game one, Miller discussed the injuries that happened during the game. Miller stated the loss of Herro will be more prominent for the Heat than if Giannis misses time for Milwaukee. Make no mistake, Herro is a great player for Miami. However, it feels if the Bucks are without Giannis, they are a completely different team. The Bucks are the overall one-seed in the Eastern Conference. But without Giannis, they couldn’t beat the eight-seed Heat. Check out the video of Miller discussing the injuries below.

Reggie Miller’s Hot Take On Tyler Herro: Video

Whatever the case may be, both teams are losing significant assets. However, losing a two-time MVP seems like a much more significant loss. Giannis was injured after a hard fall that saw him wincing in pain afterward. The former MVP tried to give it a go on a few different occasions. But in the end, was pulled from the rest of the game. Before Herro’s injury, the former Kentucky Wildcat put in 12 points on nearly 20 minutes of action.

The Heat rolled the Bucks 130-117 in game one. A very surprising result for the clubs. However, Giannis’ absence seemed to have a massive effect on what the Bucks were trying to accomplish. The two teams will not be in action again until Wednesday. With the rest, the Bucks are hopeful that Giannis can give it a go. In the meantime, what is your opinion on Reggie Miller’s take? Is he far off, or does he have a point? Let us know where you stand in the comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.


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