June 3, 2023

Tiwa Savage Nearly Kidnapped, Singer-Songwriter Safe After Nigerian Police Find Four Suspects


Being a celebrity certainly comes with its perks, but of course, there are major risks involved too. Tiwa Savage learned that the hard way this month, according to The Guardian. The 41-year-old nearly fell victim to a kidnapping plot put together by her newly-hired domestic staff. They’ve since been taken into police custody in Nigeria. Details surrounding their plan remain sparse at this time. We do know that Savage’s employees were entrusted with her personal and private information. They later passed that on to others who were hoping to capture her.

Thankfully, the singer-songwriter’s security team and local authorities acted swiftly. Nigerian Police Force Criminal Investigation Department spokesperson Oluniyi Ogundeyi spoke with the media earlier this weekend, confirming that Savage’s safety is a top priority. “Yes, we have some suspects. They are in our custody, they are about four,” the African officer reported. As AllHipHop notes, the update comes quickly following news of the kidnapping on Friday (April 14), via a memo on the Lagos native’s Instagram page.

Tiwa Savage Confirms Her Safety

“Following recent reports online, we can confirm that on Thursday 13 April 2023, there was a major security breach at the residence of musician Tiwa Savage,” it begins. “A number of suspects were caught and are currently being held under investigation at Alagbon Police Station, Ikoyi,” the update also noted before confirming that the mother of one and her family “are safe and well.” In the comment section, many fans expressed concern for the talented starlet following the near tragedy. “Shay you go come and stay with me for a while? 😞😣,” one person asked.

Another obviously upset user wrote, “They wan go rob her 😢. They want that her ice necklace 😢. Imagine the mindset of some men just ‘cos they think she is a single woman so they can just go rob her anyhow. Chai. Jail straight and I don’t know why they were not shot at sight.” In her caption, Tiwa Savage addressed all the love she’s been receiving, writing, “Thanks for all the messages ❤ All is well 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.” Check back later for any updates on the recent arrests and your favourite artists.

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