June 16, 2024

Travis Barker’s Teen Daughter Alabama Compared To Rubi Rose After Previewing New Rap Song


Just because her father, Travis Barker, is the drummer for one of the most famous rock bands in the world doesn’t mean that 17-year-old Alabama Barker has similar aspirations for her own future. Rather, she seems to have her heart set on pursuing a career in rap music. It’s something she’s been plenty of work into as of late, even after previously facing criticism. Following a few studio sessions, the blonde beauty assembled a song which she finally felt ready to share with fans during a TikTok live stream over the weekend.

Rather than focus on her life growing up in the spotlight and wealthy in Calabasas, the teen instead told the story of someone struggling to make their dreams come true with her lyrics. “He told me I’m not gonna make it / I told him you crazy,” she lip-synced along while previewing her song for viewers. “My name is exotic / I get foreign texts when they pay me.” As expected, social media has had plenty to say about Barker’s unnamed song, most of it dissing her.

Alabama Barker Teases Upcoming Music

“What’s funny about Alabama Barker’s lil rap is that if she was rapping about being rich and nepo baby it might actually be enjoyable,” one Twitter user shared their opinion. “[Instead] she over here talking like she came from the gutter or something.” Another person chimed in with, “Alabama Barker done morphed into a light-skinned Rubi Rose,” comparing Travis’ daughter to the Kentucky-born lyricist.

Elsewhere, someone pointed out the irony of Willow Smith, born to a rapper father, making rock bangers while Alabama – daughter to one of the most well-known rockers of all time – is pursuing her aspirations of rap, or “mediocre SoundCloud bops,” as OP put it. “Is this the ‘balance’ that Thanos wanted?” they asked, referring to the infamous Marvel supervillain. Scroll on to read more of the mixed Twitter reactions to Alabama Barker’s latest musical work. Afterward, tell us if you’re interested in hearing more from the nepo baby’s studio sessions in the comments.

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