December 2, 2023

Update On NBA In-Season Tournament


The NBA will be adding an In-Season Tournament to the schedule next year. The addition will be the first time the league has done something of this magnitude. Many fans are skeptical about what adding something like this will do to the league. However, the league is moving forward with plans for the tournament and adding incentives. On Monday, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted the latest details on the league’s newest adventure.

Here is the latest update on the in-season tournament from Woj’s official Twitter account. “@BobbyMarks42: 2023-2024 NBA In-Season Tournament schedule is expected to include quarters, semis and finals in early December. Prize money: $500K per player on winning team, $200K per player on runner-up; $100K per on semifinal loser; $50K per quarter loser.” The league is hoping these incentives will grab the attention of the players who will be involved. However, making the tournament mean something will take a lot more work than just incentives for the athletes.

NBA Making In-Season Tournament Worth Investment

Rest has long been an issue with the league and its athletes. A in-season tournament seems to go against giving the players the rest period they are looking for. However, making it worth their while could change the minds of those that will be potentially involved. There are still so many questions about how this tournament will proceed. First off, who will receive an invite to the tournament? Is there more than money going to the winner of the tournament?

These questions will surely be answered the closer we get to next season. But it seems the league will need to work on clarifying what the in-season tournament means to all involved. However, this topic is far from the minds of everyone involved in the game. The league is currently in the midst of the playoffs. The most important time of the year for those still in the hunt. However, what are your thoughts on the NBA adding an in-season tournament? Will players want to be involved? Let us know your thoughts on the tournament in the comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here at HNHH.

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