May 18, 2024

Who Is “Shabooya” Breakout Rapper Slimeroni?


Slimeroni has been making waves since emerging as one of four rappers on the viral breakout hit “Shabooya.” The newcomer is a frequent collaborator of fellow Memphis native, Glorilla, who is seeing a meteoric climb herself. With “Shabooya” featured Slime, Aleza, K Carbon, and Gloss Up. The track was a staple on TikTok and helped put several of the femcees on the map. We want to know more about Slimeroni as her career takes off. Learn more about the 26-year-old emerging star from Tennessee.

Representing Memphis

Slimeroni hails from the same city as other notable rappers, including Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo, and fellow newcomer Glorilla. Born and raised on the east side of Memphis, Slime’s household included her mother, sibling, grandmother, and aunt. According to Slime, her childhood sparked an early interest in the arts for her. On Sundays, she would watch her aunt and grandmother sing in the church choir.

While in school, she also embraced competitive dance and theater alongside lyric writing as outlets. After leaving Memphis to pursue a degree in criminology, she eventually returned home to pursue her growing interest in music. Shortly after, she began performing at local shows and other venues while also growing her following via social media. 

Origins Of Her “Slimeroni” Moniker

Real name Aja Canyon, Slimeroni says that her stage name was given to her in her hometown. “Slime” is what she is called by her close friends, and “roni” comes from tenderoni, which means an attractive woman. “It’s gangster and Memphis but it’s got this femininity to it too,” she said of her sound. “It shows all
sides of me. I never just wanted to be one thing. And lyrics have gotten way harder, my writing keeps getting better. I’m having more fun with it.”

Songs & Collabs

In 2021, Memphis producer Hitkidd tapped Slimeroni, along with rappers Aleza, K- Carbon, Gloss Up, and Glorilla, to appear on the hit song “Set The Tone.” The artists would come together in future collaborations, including “Shabooya,” “Set The Tone 2,” “You The Type,” and others. The chemistry between Slimeroni and her other frequent collaborators has led to each song seeing a tremendous amount of success. “Set The Tone” currently has over 4 million views on YouTube alone. “Shaybooya” already has over 30 million views on the same platform. 

Not relying solely on the creative chemistry between her and her collaborators, Slimeroni’s solo career is taking off as well. Before “Set The Tone” featured her and her fellow artists, Slimeroni released the singles “Thrift Store Wh***s,” “Gangsta,” “ Lil Drumma Girl,” and “Hellraiser.” She recently released the video for her latest single, “Trust Issues,” on YouTube, to much acclaim from her fans. There is no word on when to expect a full solo album or mixtape from the new artist, but her current catalog of rising hits can hold fans over until the future. 

A Viral Sensation

With the hit single “Shabooya” seeing much of its early success via social media, it only makes sense that the artists behind the hit have a strong online following. On Instagram, Slimeroni, also known as Kween Slime, has over 124k followers. Also known as “The IT Gworl” and “The Villian” on her bio, Slimeroni’s posts often showcase her sharply creative sense of fashion, another trait her fans love. On her Instagram page, many of her pics get up to well over 20k likes from her adoring fans. 

What’s Next For Slimeroni?

She recently wrapped a tour with Glorilla, and fans of Slimeroni are expecting more collaborations to come out of the friendship. Slowly becoming one of the hottest new artists out of Memphis, Slimeroni is on track to become one of the next prominent female rappers in the game. With the momentum of “Shabooya” and “Set The Tone” still moving forward, Kween Slime’s popularity and opportunities will grow as well. 

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