June 7, 2023

Bad Bunny Gets Heat For Shading Harry Styles, Team Responds


In case you missed it, Bad Bunny just headlined Coachella. The singer electrified the crowd with his exciting set this past weekend. The singer brought out a star-studded lineup of artists like Post Malone, Jhay Cortez, and Ñengo Flow, which added to the crowd’s already palpable excitement. However, Bad Bunny is getting some unfortunately negative attention online for something else entirely. The singer seems to have accidentally started a war between two fan groups, and one of them is one that you probably don’t want to mess with. That is, unless you want to get harassed, doxxed, and receive death threats.

Bad Bunny, or rather his team, seems to have started a war with Harry Styles fans. During the Coachella performance, the screen behind the singer was displaying various pictures and tweets, many of them from fans. Unfortunately for Bad Bunny, this included one tweet that threw shade at pop star Harry Styles. It read, “Good night, Benito could do ‘As It Was’, but Harry could never do ‘El Apagon’.” Of course, Harry Styles fans took this and ran with is, as they often do, leading to a firestorm.

Bad Bunny’s Hollywood Drama

Bad Bunny is no stranger to tabloid drama. The singer has recently been dating Kendal Jenner, which is basically an invitation to have your entire life scrutinized. However, internet fan wars are often far more intense than they should be, especially for basic pop stars. Harry Styles fans from all over the place called out Bad Bunny for hating on the their fave. However, as it’s since come out, Bad Bunny never approved of the inclusion of that tweet. In fact, its use in the backdrop was entirely accidental. At least, that is the story according to Bad Bunny’s team. They released a statement via Rolling Stone about the incident.

“Our intention is to create light hearted designs that embody Bad Bunny’s personality and amplify the experience he presents as a performer,” his team said. “The request from the artist during the visuals for ‘El Apagón’ performance was to use the image only and not text from the tweet, which we take responsibility for and correct it for Friday’s performance.” So, as it stands, the inclusion of the tweet was accidental and not something Bad Bunny approved. Will this stop the fans from fighting? Probably not. Whoever tweeted that probably feels pretty powerful right now. What do you think of the Coachella drama? Let us know in the comments!


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