June 16, 2024

Benny The Butcher Chooses Between “Snowfall” & “Power”


There has been an influx of crime thrillers in recent years exploring the stories of the inner cities, like Power. The series follows the story Ghost and Tommy Egan as they try to balance the streets and legitimate business interests. Meanwhile, a story like Snowfallcreated by John Singleton — brings us back to the 80s and provides a fictionalized account of the rise in crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles through the eyes of Franklin Saint. Ultimately, both shows have provided us with endless entertainment but it’s hard to choose between the two.

Benny The Butcher recently sparked a debate surrounding the two shows. The Griselda rapper appeared on Instagram Live this week when a fan asked him to choose between the two crime shows. “Snowfall is better,” Benny said as he nodded his head, though he didn’t discount the storyline Power or its spin-offs. “I’m saying Snowfall is better, but, they’re both great shows. I like to see Michael Rainey — I like watching his ascension. He’s fire. He’s getting better and better at his shit. But for some reason, I’m just more drawn in to Snowfall.” 

Benny The Butcher: Snowfall vs. Power

Perhaps, it’s not the hottest take imaginable but we could imagine that 50 Cent might not be entirely happy with his personal preference. Snowfall certainly earned Benny The Butcher’s praise, thanks to its stellar cast and an impeccable team of writers. The series is expected to conclude its sixth and final season this week. However, it won’t be the end of the show entirely. FX confirmed that they’re developing a spin-off series that could see Gail Bean reprise her role as Wanda.

Of course, Power produced a series of spin-offs that have transformed it into a franchise. 50 Cent launched Power Book II: Ghost in September 2020, which focuses on Ghost’s son Tariq. The following year, Power Book III: Raising Kanan debuted, serving as a prequel that explores Kanan Stark’s rise. In 2022, they finally blessed fans with the third and final spin-off, Power Book IV: Force which follows Tommy Egan’s move to Chicago, where he tries to take over the drug trade. Check out Benny The Butcher’s take above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. 


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