June 16, 2024

Doja Cat Trolls Fans And Previews New Album


Recently, Doja Cat’s Twitter account lost its verified blue tick. Her behavior on social media has drawn criticism from various sources, including her own fans. Despite this, Doja appears unfazed and continues to post tweets that may seem senseless or offensive. However, a glance at her Twitter feed provides insight into her motives. In a tweet, she mentioned finding joy in deliberately engaging in peculiar behavior to make people uncomfortable, particularly those who believe in Illuminati conspiracy theories.

Doja Cat expressed frustration and anger in response to losing her verified blue tick on Twitter. She stated that paying for the tick may imply being a “complete loser” that is seeking validation from famous individuals. Prior to this, her fans had playfully teased her about losing verification. Nevertheless, it appears that despite the online antics and criticism, Doja Cat remains determined to continue focusing on her music career. As such, she has been teasing a new album quite a bit recently. Additionally, she just hopped on to SZA’s “Kill Bill” as a feature, which has received a lot of positive feedback.

Doja Previews New Album… Sort of

Earlier today, Doja hopped onto her Instagram Live to give a preview of her new album. Sort of. On the live video, which was screen recorded by fans, Doja previews a few seconds from each song. When fans ask for more, she plays them one second from the beginning and one second from the middle of each song. While this sounds like nothing, it actually gives a pretty good insight into how the album may sound. For a moment, Doja showed off her new tattoo while talking to an unseen boyfriend (whom she refers to as “babe”). Then, as fans continue to ask for more, the artist reverts back to her typical trolling behavior.

Doja spends most of the last half of the live playing songs “from the album.” However, they are just hilariously bad beats that she is finding in the moment on YouTube. Though it may have been frustrating for some fans, Doja was clearly having a great time. What do you think of Doja’s live? Are you excited for the new album? Sound off in the comments to let us know!

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