June 3, 2023

Gilbert Arenas’ Honest Take On LeBron James


Gilbert Arenas’ latest appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast has given fans plenty to discuss this week. However, Arenas’ latest take is a refreshing discussion on a topic that is overly discussed. The show got to the point of discussing the GOAT of the NBA. A debate that can grow tiresome in record timing. However, Arenas has a different mindset on just how one should value great players. Including Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Arenas, like many, believe these players can’t be put into one particular bubble.

“We’ve never actually seen LeBron James for LeBron James.” That was the biggest quote taken away from the discussion on the greatest players in league history. Arenas claims fans haven’t seen James for the player he is. Because many are too busy trying to compare him to someone else. Comparing athletes of different time periods has always been a fool’s game. Even comparing players of different positions should be an impossible task. However, James will always be linked to Michael Jordan.

Gilbert Arenas Respects LeBron For The Player He Is

Arenas makes a great point in the clip above when discussing the legacy of James. James’ ability to create for others is more of a comparison to Magic Johnson rather than Jordan. However, Arenas understands that James will always be compared to Jordan. Because that’s who the media wanted James to be from the moment he joined the league. Now, it’s time for the media and fans to admire James for the player he has always been. A player that wants to make everyone around him better.

However, Arenas didn’t deny that James can take over a game like Jordan if needed. Arenas recalls the Finals in which James had to give everything when Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving went down. James’ performance during that Finals could have made him the second player to earn Finals MVP as a member of the losing team. Do you agree with Gilbert Arenas on his opinion of LeBron James? Let us know in the comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.

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