June 3, 2023

Kendrick Perkins Claims Warriors Are Being Outcoached


Kendrick Perkins believes to know the reason the Sacramento Kings have a 2-0 lead over the Golden State Warriors. The NBA veteran points to the coaching performances of each team. Kings head coach Mike Brown has been a great story this season. Brown jumped in the spotlight as head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers back in LeBron’s first stint with the franchise. However, things didn’t work out in Cleveland, leading Brown to be bounced around the league. Until he landed with the Warriors as an assistant coach.

Brown was on Steve Kerr’s staff at Golden State for the last six seasons. Until this past off-season when Brown was offered another chance to be a head coach. Now Brown has the Kings in one of the best positions the franchise has seen in the last two decades. However, to reach that next step, Brown must take down his good friend Kerr. A mission that Perkins already believes Brown is doing. Check out the video of Perkins breaking down the coaching performances of Kerr and Brown below.

Kendrick Perkins Believes Steve Kerr Is Losing The Coaching Battle

“Mike Brown has been coaching circles around Steve Kerr… now Mike Brown is doing his thing and showing why he’s Coach of The Year,” Perkins stated when discussing how the two teams have been performing. Perkins believes it was the Kings adjustments that led to the team earning the 2-0 lead. The NBA veteran even went further, discussing the Kings potentially winning the series. The former Boston big man wants the Warriors to be at full strength. Because he doesn’t want to hear excuses if the team doesn’t win this series.

Right now, the Warriors playoff future looks bleak. The Kings have been firing on all cylinders and own the big lead. However, writing off a team that has Steph Curry would be a rather foolish thing to do. The Warriors may lose this season. But one can guarantee they won’t lose it without a fight. Do you agree with Kendrick Perkins on Brown controlling the game over Kerr? Can the Warriors turn this into a competitive series? Let us know what you think in the comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here at HNHH.


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