June 23, 2024

Diddy Can’t Handle Cam’ron’s Pink Horse Power Sex Supplement


Cam’ron’s Pink Horse Power sex supplement is making waves in the entertainment industry, with Diddy being the latest celeb to show interest. In a recent Instagram video, Diddy is seen trying out the pink-colored drink alongside his son, Justin Combs. As the mogul is asking the Dipset rapper about what the supplement does, Cam says, “I can’t tell you exactly what it do but you gone have a lot of fun with your ladies, baby.” “I can guarantee you that for a fact.”

The product claims to improve stamina and libido, but when Puff attempts to open the jar, he struggles to unseal the lid. “Uh oh. That’s that shit when you can’t open the top, so you know it’s that work,” Puff jokes. “It’s sealed. If you know the children can’t get to it.” However, the video ends before they’re seen drinking the sex elixir.

Diddy Pulls Up To Cam’s

Despite the comedic setback, the sex supplement has received tons of attention for its supposed benefits. Cam previously took credit for A$AP Rocky impregnating Rihanna with their first child after the power couple announced their pregnancy. In a video posted on his Instagram, Rocky samples the supplement. Killa joked in the captions about the timing, “I’m just saying check da dates,” he wrote. “Congrats to Flocko and da Sis RiRi. Welcome to Harlem @pinkhorsepower.”

Cam’ron’s sports talk show It Is What It Is may also be making its way to Diddy’s REVOLT network. The pair met up in Miami last month to discuss a possible collaboration. Meanwhile, Ma$e who co-hosts the show joked in an Instagram comment about bringing the briefcase to swap out for publishing. Is there a new collab in the works between Diddy and Cam?  Maybe Ma$e and Diddy can finally bury the hatchet once the show is on REVOLT. Overall, Cam’ron’s Pink Horse Power bedroom supplement has garnered praise from many celebs. Be sure to consult a healthcare professional before trying any new supplements or medications. Who will be the next celebrity to try Cam’s new sex enhancement supplement? Have you tried Pink Horse Power yet? Let us what you think in the comments below.

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