May 18, 2024

Kanye West Deactivates His Instagram Account


Kanye West is someone who has been in the news for a plethora of bad reasons over the last few months. Overall, he was shunned from the hip-hop and political worlds due to his love of Nazis. Moreover, he continuously had bad things to say about the Jewish people, which was completely unbecoming. You also can’t mention this era without also referencing his partnerships with the likes of Sneako, Nick Fuentes, and Milo Yiannapolous. Simply put, it was an era that Kanye fans would rather forget.

Additionally, Kanye West was very active on Instagram prior to this breakdown. This was where he went off against the likes of Adidas. Although they eventually let him out of his deal, he did some hefty damage to his brand. His most recent Instagram post was some praise for Jonah Hill, whom he credits with making him like Jewish people again. Ultimately, these feeble attempts at fixing his image are not working, and now, he is simply giving up on Instagram, altogether. In the tweet below, you can see that he has deactivated his account.

Kanye West Says Goodbye To IG

Whether or not he will come back to Instagram in the future, still remains to be seen. However, it is clear that this is the best course of action for Kanye West. He recently said that he just wants to be left alone right now, which is very fair. A lot of bad has taken place, and the damage has people not wanting to see Ye for a very long time. It could be a long time before he is able to regain favor, although it is going to take a lot more than an IG deactivation to make that happen.

As for his Presidential run in 2024, it doesn’t seem as though that is happening anymore. Overall, that is probably for the best. After all, who would even vote for him at this point? Other than the proud boys? Let us know what you think of Kanye West and his latest move, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the music world.

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