June 16, 2024

Skip Bayless Reveals Thoughts On Draymond Green Suspension


Skip Bayless is the latest media personality to share his thoughts on the Draymond Green suspension. Green has been suspended one game without pay for stomping Domantas Sabonis in Game 2 of the Warriors-Kings. The action had Twitter split on what the repercussions would be from Green’s action. In the replay of the incident, Sabonis is seen holding Green’s ankle prior to the stomp. However, most still believe that the stomp was unnecessary and Green deserves the punishment.

On Wednesday’s episode of Undisputed, Bayless and co-host Shannon Sharpe discussed the move by the NBA. Bayless mentioned that if the league was just looking at the present incident, Green shouldn’t have been suspended. However, given Green’s history, it was the easy decision for the league. Also, Bayless mentioned that it didn’t help that Green was putting on a show during the review of the play. The Warriors forward could be seen going back and forth with Kings fans prior to his ejection from the incident. Check out Bayless’s full comments below.

Skip Bayless Disagrees With NBA Ruling On Green

It’s no secret that Green’s past on the court has seen many altercations. For many, Green is considered a dirty player. However, many in the media, like Bayless, have come to the support of Green. Including NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. So, Green’s actions may have been provoked. But that doesn’t mean stomping someone is still the right thing to do. In this situation, there is no one who is right. Both actions were wrong. However, Green is the only one facing suspension.

This isn’t the first time Green has been suspended for a playoff game. In 2016, Green was suspended in Game 3 of the NBA Finals for an interaction with LeBron James. May argue that Green’s absence from that game cost his team the championship. Now, the Warriors see themselves down 2-0 without a starter for Game 3. Do you believe the NBA got the suspension right? Also, do you agree with Skip Bayless that Green’s antics during the incident are the leading cause of the suspension? Let us know your thoughts on the situation in our comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.

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