May 18, 2024

Tyrin Turner Admits He Tried To Sabotage “Belly”


1998’s Belly is a cult classic. The film focuses on “Buns” (DMX) and “Sin” (Nas), two young criminals in Queens and their growing criminal empire in Nebraska. While it holds a 27% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences loved the film. It holds an 87% audience rating and tripled its budget at the box office.

Tyrin Turner plays a small but memorable part in the film. Turner plays Big Head Rico, an Omaha-based drug dealer who attempts to take Bunds and Sin down for taking over his turf. However, in a recent interview, Turner revealed that his iconic performance was something completely different.

Big Head Rico Was Supposed to Sabotage “Belly”

Appearing on the DUB C And CJ Mac Show, Turner revealed that he had originally been offered the part of Buns in Belly. “I met Hype Williams, I did the ‘Mary Jane’ video for Scarface, and then Hype was like, ‘I got this movie called Belly, I want you to be DMX’s character.” However, a few months later, Williams recast the role with the New York-born DMX. After finding out that he had been replaced, Turner vowed to ruin the film. “I’m young, I’m mad I didn’t get the character I wanted so [I was like], ‘I’m gon’ fuck this movie up. I’ma put on some glasses, I’ma be the worst country snitching dude that I could ever be.’”

However, Big Head Rico turned out to be one of the most-loved parts of the film. Turner’s portrayal of the milk bottle glasses wearing, banana-eating drug dealer was seen as a hilarious caricature rather than taking away from the film. “I’m thinking that I’m sabotaging the movie, but I’m thinking I’m irritated. I’m thinking that I’m just gon’ fuck the movie up. It was iconic. I couldn’t even fuck up what I wanted.” Turner said. What unintentionally sold the character further was that it was seen as a departure from type for Turner. In 1998, Turner was best known for starring in the lead role in 1993’s Menace II Society. Thus, the ridiculous appearance and self-seriousness of Big Head Rico was a complete change for audiences already familiar with Turner.


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