June 16, 2024

Update On Ben Simmons Injury Rehab


Ben Simmons has only appeared in 42 games with the Brooklyn Nets. The star guard has dealt with injuries for most of his tenure in Brooklyn. However, the recent word is that Simmons is chomping at the bit to return to action. But the former number-one overall pick will be returning to a different team. The Nets were destined for greatness with a potential three-headed monster in Simmons, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Now only Simmons remains with the team.

Brian Lewis of the New York Post breaks down the latest update on Simmons’ back injury. Simmons is hoping to avoid a second back surgery. One source told Lewis that “There will be an assessment around the start of May, and if he [feels] exponentially worse or no improvement, that could end up an option. But every sign has indicated that that won’t be the case.” Simmons has battled injuries for most of his professional career. His last two seasons in Philadelphia saw Simmons appear in less than 60 games in both seasons.

Ben Simmons Anxiously Awaits Comeback Tour

Injuries have derailed the potential ceiling of Simmons. However, his shooting has always been a major issue. Simmons is the perfect prototype for a team building their dream point guard. The former LSU star has every asset a player would want to possess, except for shooting the basketball. However, if Simmons is healthy, his ability to drive to the basket will be a huge asset for the Nets. But Simmons mental health on the court will also play a factor in his return.

Simmons’ heart and mind have been questioned during his entire professional career. Many have even questioned his desire to be on the floor. Nobody makes it this far without having a passion for what they do. Simmons will have a big mountain to climb whenever he returns. So, do you believe that Ben Simmons will return as a dominant force? Or has too much time passed for Simmons to be a legitimate threat in the NBA? Give us your thoughts on Simmons in the comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.


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