May 18, 2024

Drake Seen Rocking Reds Jersey: Photo


Drake has long been known as a massive fan of sports. Fans can spot the musical icon every now and then sitting courtside watching his Toronto Raptors. However, the Toronto native sometimes has a change in taste when it comes to rooting for certain teams. But along the way, a legend has been born in the process. The hip-hop sensation has been known to curse any team he has been known to root for. The list of teams that could have been potentially affected by the said curse is longer than a CVS receipt. However, Canada’s native son has chosen an easy team to root for this time.

Champagne Papi was recently seen rocking a Cincinnati Reds jersey. The latest snapshot shows him wearing the red top, celebrating a classic Reds look. The Reds are a franchise in desperate need of a bolt of energy. Cincinnati’s baseball team has long been the butt of many baseball jokes. The team’s last World Series win was in 1990. Since then, the franchise hasn’t even sniffed a playoff series victory. But now, could Aubrey’s so-called curse be a reverse jinx for the Reds? Check out the photo below.

Drake Repping For Cincinnati

Jumping on the bandwagon of a loveable loser isn’t a popular move. Trust me, I’ve been a Reds fan since birth. It isn’t as fun as some may tell you that it is. However, Drizzy may be looking to turn around the lackluster franchise by reversing his own curse. Hey, the Cincinnati Bengals have become a winning franchise. Why can’t the Reds try to emulate that success? Whatever the case may be, everyone can agree that the Reds have amazing gear. Also, at one time, the franchise was home to the most popular baseball player of all time, Ken Griffey Jr.

Unfortunately, Griffey Jr. isn’t walking through that door with a healthy hamstring any time soon. However, the team is still paying him for his previous services. The baseball season is a long one. Having something to cheer about in the Reds organization has been few and far between. Now would be the best time for Drake to turn around his bad luck of cheering for different sports teams. Will the Reds become a different franchise with a musical titan under their banner? Let us know what you think in the comment section. For the latest news in sports, keep it right here with HNHH.

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