March 5, 2024

Drake Takes A Double Dose Of Ls On His Sports Bets


Drake is one of the most prolific artists of our generation. Overall, he has given us a ton of amazing albums. Moreover, he is one of the biggest artists in the world. He is someone that has a ton of crossover appeal in the music world. Hip-hop heads love him. Pop fans love him. And the wine mom demographic loves him. Although some would say there is too much crossover appeal, others would attribute this to his greatness as an artist. Additionally, he has also made it as a sports ambassador.

Of course, we are talking about Drake and his role with the Toronto Raptors. We all know the man is a huge sports fan, and his Raptors get a whole lot of his attention. However, it should also be noted that the artist is a spokesperson for Stake, which is a crypto sports gambling website. Whenever Drake makes a bet, he shares it with his audience. Unfortunately, he has been taking a whole lot of Ls as of late, and that was certainly true with his latest parlay.

Drake Is Allergic To His Losses

In the video clip below, Drake addresses his fans, noting that he is distraught over his recent bets. Last night, he tried to get in on two parlays. In each one, he bet $75,000 with each parlay offering a payout of $800L and $568K respectively. However, he missed out on a couple of picks, which ultimately got him out of his cash. The artist even says that he felt a bit congested due to his L allergies. Unfortunately, allergy season appears to be in full swing for the artist. Only time will tell whether or not he can get back into the win column.

Sports gambling is one of those things that inspires a lot of confidence in sports fans. Most believe that they can hit on 100 percent of their parlays. However, if that were true, then payouts would be very minuscule. Needless to say, Drake may need to go back to the drawing board here. Let us know what you think of the artist’s bets, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more updates from around the music world.

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