June 7, 2023

Jonathan Majors Movies: The Actor’s Best Roles


Jonathan Majors has certainly been in the limelight over the past few months. Starring in Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Majors has been acting in movies for over a decade. Playing the antagonist in each of these respective films, it began to look like everything was coming together for the Yale film graduate. Yet, his career has taken a devastating turn as scathing allegations unfold.

Majors was arrested in New York City regarding a domestic dispute on March 25. New York Police Department officers showed up at his home in response to a 911 call following a dispute he had with an unnamed 30-year-old woman. Majors is expected to appear in court on May 8 to dispute the charges. Amid the news, he was dropped from his longtime management company, Entertainment 360. In addition, Jonathan Majors has been cut from various upcoming movies.

After struggling to make it as a full-time actor out of college, Majors’s career finally began to take off in the late 2010s. Playing a variety of side-character roles, he made a name for himself before eventually being offered lead-character opportunities. Today, we will look at the best movies Jonathan Majors has acted in to date.

Hostiles (2017)

In one of Majors’s first big-budget movies, the actor starred alongside Christian Bale in Hostiles. Based in the 1890s, the film explores a complex dynamic between a U.S Military officer and a Native American Chief. Majors plays one of the soldiers under Blocker’s escorting of an Indigenous family. While he didn’t get too much screen time, Majors utilized it to display his unique talent and acting style. There’s no doubt that Hostiles landed Majors plenty of other opportunities down the line.

Devotion (2022)

Jonathan Majors finally entered the spotlight on Devotion, giving him his first lead role in a movie. Portraying Ensign Jesse Brown, the first black pilot in the US Navy, the film draws on plenty of parallels to Top Gun: Maverick. Ensuring his spot in Hollywood, Majors’s character engagingly blends an impassioned underbelly with a calm external demeanor. He displays intimate chemistry with Christian Jackson, who plays his wife Daisy. Garnering an 81% score on Rotten Tomatoes, Majors proved he could play a lead role in a critically acclaimed film.

The Harder They Fall (2021)

The Black-led Western The Harder They Fall was rightly touted as one of the best movies to hit the screen in 2021. Jonathan Majors plays Nat Love, the protagonist out for revenge against Rufus Buck, who killed his family. Featuring a menacing soundtrack and fantastic cinematography, The Harder They Fall offered a unique spin on the Western film trope. Starring alongside the likes of Idris Elba and Zazie Beetz, The Harder They Fall solidified Jonathan Majors as a household name in the movie industry.

Da 5 Bloods (2020)

Spearheaded by iconic director Spike Lee, Da 5 Bloods is one of the last films to feature Chadwick Boseman. Containing hints of Lee’s signature style, he breathes life into the chaotic world of Vietnam War veterans. Majors plays the role of one of the veterans’ sons, struggling to navigate the mental health struggles that his father is experiencing. In the film, the four men decide to head back to Vietnam to pick up the remains of their fifth fallen colleague. However, they’re also returning to hunt down hidden gold which they had left in the Vietnamese woods. Da 5 Bloods is cinematically engaging and chaotic from start to finish, garnering a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92%.

The Last Black Man In San Francisco (2019)

Jonathan Majors’s most introspective and touching movie to date, The Last Black Man In San Francisco, catalogs the story of a young man looking to find his roots in a new city. Created by A24, Majors’s character is looking for a way to retrieve his grandfather’s house in a now-gentrified area of San Francisco. The film is an introspective look into race relations. Montgomery Allen (Majors’ character) acts as the side character to Jimmie Fails, who additionally played a crucial role in writing the script for the film. Amongst the catalog of fantastic A24 films, this one is undeniably overlooked.

Jungleland (2020)

Surprisingly enough, Creed III isn’t actually Jonathan Majors’ first boxing movie. In Jungleland, he was outside of the boxing ring as a criminal. Jack O’Connell and Charlie Hunnam display an amateur boxer-coach relationship amidst a grandeur dream of making it big, which Majors’s character attempts to dismantle. While Jungleland hasn’t gone down as a generational film, it’s a solid drama that Majors undoubtedly stood out in.

Creed III (2023)

Releasing on March 3rd, the blockbuster trilogy continued with Creed III. For this installation, Jonathan Majors was touted as the movie’s villain. Once a childhood friend of Creed, Damien becomes envious of his success while he is in prison. Using that isolation to fuel him, a showdown between Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan’s characters would occur during the film’s climax.

The first movie in the franchise without Silvester Stallone, Creed III finds a way to hold its own without its iconic figure. In fact, Michael B. Jordan would make his directorial debut in the film. While most aren’t calling it the best of the trilogy, its 88% Rotten Tomatoes score implies that it’s still a cinematic force of nature.

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