June 3, 2023

Ma$e Roasts Cam’ron For Leaving Fly Down Around Diddy


Ma$e, Harlem’s own, had some choice words for Cam’ron after he got together with Diddy earlier this week. The Harlem world rapper took to Instagram to poke fun at his It Is What It Is co-host for having his zipper undone while hanging with Puff. However, Cam’ron was quick to head to the comments and give his two cents with a simple “Ayooooo bro.” The jokes followed Cam’s post of Diddy and his son trying out his sex enhancement supplement Pink Horse Power. While Killa couldn’t say what the pink elixir does specifically, the product’s site claims it increases libido and stamina.

The New York rap icons currently co-host the sports talk show, It Is What It Is. It’s garnered much success with many entities trying to buy the show from Cam. In a recent statement, Cam’ron said, “This is fully funded by me. I ain’t go get no help, I ain’t got no partners, I ain’t go no bank that came and did all this shit.” Killa and Diddy have been kickin’ it a lot recently. They met up in Miami to discuss the future of the show with Cam hinting at bringing it over to REVOLT.

Ma$e Got Jokes

Furthermore, while Cam was hanging out with Puff, this didn’t bother his co-host. Ma$e gave Killa his blessing to break bread with his old label boss despite their well-documented issues. Although, in response to the meeting, Ma$e commented, “God pls tell diddy to bring the briefcase cause I can’t swap this out for publishing.” Despite all their past issues Ma$e and Cam have found common ground with their successful new show.

Overall, Ma$e’s comical comments about his co-host are just the latest in a laundry list of back-and-forth between the two rappers. Regardless of everything both artists have been through, they have a successful talk show that’s receiving great praise. Only time will tell if Cam decides to bring It Is What It Is to REVOLT. What do you think about this union between Ma$e, Cam, and now Diddy? If you’re a fan of the show let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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