June 12, 2024

Paul George Has Strong Words For Potential NBA Rule Change


Paul George has had to watch his team from the sidelines this post-season. The Los Angeles Clippers star has been ruled out for the team’s first-round matchup with the Phoenix Suns. Now the team will also be without Kawhi Leonard for Game 3. While the Clippers are barely hanging on to their playoff lives, George has taken to his podcast to discuss the situation. As well as other big questions centered around the NBA. One of the biggest debates going on today is the potential change of the charge rule.

However, George is one of the NBA stars who doesn’t see banning the charge as a good thing. In a recent episode of Podcast P with Paul George, the Clippers star discussed his disagreement with the potential change. “I’m not a fan of taking that out of the game. I think it’s a great play. Quite frankly, you make your freshmen team in high school because you put your body on the line.  Don’t adjust the charge. I know it sucks seeing the stars go down in the playoffs.”

Paul George Thinks Playoff Injuries Are Unfortunate

The charge is a vital part of the game. Recently, Sixers head coach Doc Rivers discussed the potential of seeing the charge gone. Rivers shared the same sentiment as George. The Sixers coach stated that without the rule, teams would potentially score 250 points in one game. As George mentioned, the recent injuries of players in the playoffs have been unfortunate. But the blame cannot go strictly on the charge. Putting your body on the line is just part of the game. Yet the conversation is still being had.

While it doesn’t seem like the NBA has had serious conversations about getting rid of the charge. However, it does seem like there is becoming a slow movement of folks getting on board of changing the rule. Drop your thoughts on the potential rule change in our comment section. You can catch George’s podcast weekly anywhere you listen to podcasts, thanks to Wave Sports + Entertainment. Since we’re throwing a few plugs in for all your latest sports news, keep it right here with HNHH.

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