May 18, 2024

Quavo Seemingly Disses Offset’s Takeoff Tattoo, Fans React


Quavo and Offset have been at odds over the last year or so. Overall, they were extremely close for many years. However, rumors involving Offset and Saweetie reportedly led to them having a falling out. Subsequently, Quavo and Takeoff remained as a duo, while Offset went off and did his own thing. In fact, Offset reportedly has a new album coming out. He has been teasing the project quite a bit, and fans are extremely excited to hear what it is about.

Despite the falling out with the group, Offset took Takeoff’s death extremely hard, which is obviously understandable. Takeoff’s passing was truly shocking, and Offset was never able to give his friend a proper goodbye. Although, he recently got to honor the man by dedicating his entire back to Takeoff. In a recent Instagram post, Offset unveiled his new backpiece tattoo, which is an intricate portrait of Takeoff. It was an incredible gesture that showcases his love for the man. Unfortunately, Quavo doesn’t seem to approve.

Quavo Takes To Instagram

In the Instagram post above, Quavo could be seen standing on top of a plane. In the caption to the post, he wrote “Rocket Power It’s In You, Not On You!” If you know anything about Takeoff, his solo album was called The Last Rocket. Moreover, Quavo plans on naming his album Rocket Power, which is a reference to the late rapper. Needless to say, you can see how fans are saying that this seems to be a not-so-subtle diss. “Offset tattoo diss,” one commenter wrote. “Disappointing and unnecessary caption unc,” said another.

“I hope this isn’t a subliminal message,” another commenter then added. “Set loves Take so it’s in him AND on him. You said you would ask yourself, “What would Take do?” Do you think he would be out here beefing with Set?” Needless to say, fans are not co-signing any of this. However, there is not much the fans can say to bring this beef to a close. Both sides have their own views on what went down. Although it is unfortunate, it is going to take a lot for both sides to mend it. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the hip-hop world.

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