June 23, 2024

The 9 Best “Snowfall” Episodes, Ranked


The series finale of FX’s Snowfall is aired on April 19th. Set in Los Angeles during the 1980s, a crack cocaine epidemic swept through the city like a volatile storm, its effects engulfing characters and culture alike. Every few years there comes a show that revolutionizes our perception of reality – from The Sopranos through to The Wire and now Snowfall, FX’s gripping series created by the late John Singleton exploring the history of government involvement in the war on drugs in America. Each episode had its own unique power, dividing viewers with their reactions. Here are the best Snowfall episodes.

10. Sightlines (Season 2, Episode 1)

Frankie struggled on as an area dealer, unaware of the power looming over him that was close to changing his life forever. However, he disguised his criminal enterprise as an ice cream truck and built a modest fortune. Meanwhile, Teddy became aware that the government would no longer be funding his war against communism and he needed to adjust. Gus and Lucia wanted to recruit a new playmaker into their game, urging Lucia to do something she promised never to do. Since her father’s demise, Lucia had even more of a craving for authority and this was the perfect opportunity for her.

9. Surrender (Season 2, Episode 8) 

Gustavo was resolute in his steadfastness to keep Lucia, despite the dispute. Soledad wielded no physical violence, yet the threats she made were gruesome: imprisoned gang members would beat and murder him on her orders so that her team stayed clear of it. Regardless, he seemed impervious. What could break through? Lucia called, distressed; seeking out Gustavo. She rushed off to find help and clear her innocence with one bold move—the recipe had to be made to attest its authenticity. With a deep breath and steady hands, she readied herself to cook it.

7. Cash and Carry (Season 3, Episode 3)

Franklin had never been aware of the extent of Avi’s drug dealing. In this dangerous game, Franklin’s closest ally had ultimately betrayed him. The Mexican venture saw Avi attempt to steal his money while pretending it was just a loan. With tensions high, Gustavo confronted Soledad and fired a shot. Meanwhile, Teddy sought to gain control of an airstrip, so he could smuggle drugs and weapons. Everything unfolded quickly, forcing Franklin to face the consequences of his choices.

6. The Game That Moves As You Play (Season 3, Episode 4)

Franklin’s world was rocked when the cops barged into Jerome’s abode, leading to a violent stand-off. Instead of backing down, he retaliated with strength and determination. Leon found out about Avi’s disastrous scheme and wanted to take action. Teddy came to know that Gustavo was the reason for Lorena’s death, and put her in the ground deep in the woods. This monumental twist was a harbinger for Franklin’s major character arc through the best episodes of Snowfall.

5. Aftermath (Season 2, Episode 9) 

The weight of the situation packed in tightly, and for the first time Franklin was without a solution. Taut tensions ran through the room as he mustered the courage to visit his mother before committing to any conclusion. Matt, after enduring a cruel bout of cocaine infliction at the behest of Avi and friends, was confronted with an unpalatable option concerning his brother.

Lucia had committed treachery yet paid no mind to her activities. She and Gustavo were immediately embroiled in a scuffle that resulted in his being punctured with a blade. Nothing had gone their way in one of the best Snowfall episodes. Ultimately, Franklin chose a course of action that nearly condemned him to a life behind bars; the police had been tipped off.

4. Education (Season 2, Episode 10) 

Franklin learned a hard lesson when he found himself behind bars. His former status meant nothing in the harsh prison environment. As soon as he arrived, his new shoes were taken from him and he quickly realized that in this place, friendships are fleeting. He was almost killed by Ray Ray, the same man who was forced to take his friend’s life. Fortunately, Teddy was able to get Franklin away before any serious damage could be done. Now, it’s time to get back to work.

3. Pocket Full of Rocks (Season 3, Episode 7) 

The search for Mel was in motion and Andre had to ask Franklin for assistance. His feelings for her had long since dissipated, but Franklin still remembered the girl he had once been willing to do anything for. To locate her, he made it clear that no one should supply her with anything without getting in contact with him first. 

Franklin wanted to leave the criminal underworld behind, whereas Leon wanted to dive further into it. Manboy desired to become Franklin’s most trusted lieutenant, though he understood Leon held onto that position at present. Teddy believed only one more job was required before he could escape forever.

2. Hedgehogs (Season 3, Episode 8) 

Franklin and Teddy encounter each other, conversing regarding the latter’s personal life. Convinced of Teddy’s CIA allegiance, Frank exploited this knowledge. Eventually, Mel was located, and upon Franklin’s arrival, he observed the accuracy of all that had been professed regarding her transformation. 

Garnishing intelligence from Kate, Andre traveled to Franklin’s house in search of governmental involvement evidence. Upon noticing Andre in his abode, Franklin began a discourse at Wright’s home before suddenly shooting him in the head.

1. Blackout (Season 3, Episode 9) 

Mel understood that Franklin had been the one to end her father’s life. She informed Officer Nix of her suspicions, who then proceeded to make a plan. He told Mel that the postmortem concluded that her dad had taken his own life, but she did not believe this was true. Later, at the burial service, Franklin followed her home and she pulled out a gun. He received a bullet in the shoulder before trying to make an escape. Nonetheless, Mel fired another round, this time hitting him on the back. Critics consider “Blackout” to be one of the best Snowfall Episodes.

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