May 30, 2023

Tiffany Haddish Takes Heat For Jonathan Majors Tweet


Tiffany Haddish has been getting consistently bad press for quite some time. Last year, the actress and comedian Aries Spears were accused of sexual abuse of a minor. The pair were accused of grooming a 14-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother. They were said to have performed inappropriate, sexually suggestive acts for the purpose of comedic sketches. The two siblings, now adults, say they’ve been traumatized for life after the experience. The boy also claims that he was molested by both defendants. 

The main focus of the lawsuit was a skit called “Though a Pedophile’s Eyes,” which was supposedly being filmed for Funny Or Die. The girl claims that her younger brother was barely 7 when “Aunty Tiff” brought him to a home where she and Spears molested him while filming said skit. The siblings met Haddish through their mother. They added that the Funny or Die video featuring John Doe was published online when he not even old enough to consent. Haddish, however claims that the entire thing was an extortion attempt. The suit was settled out of court. The actress claims that the lawsuit made her lose everything. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping her from sticking up for other alleged abusers.

Haddish Tweets Get Her In Trouble

Earlier today, Tiffany Haddish retweeted a story about the Jonathan Majors abuse case. The tweet included a link to an article wherein Majors and his lawyer claim to show that his accuser was unhurt after the alleged abuse. The team included screenshots of the alleged security camera footage that, they say, shows proof that the victim was unharmed. Although many have not come out to condemn Jonathan Majors, Tiffany Haddish was one of very few who decided to defend the actor. Given her recent history, this course set people off on social media.

In the end, Haddish deleted the tweet. Unfortunately, many had already seen it, taken screen shots of it, or replied. “On top of barely escaping her own questionable behavior involving minors, Tiffany Haddish decides to play patriarchy princess,” one user tweeted. Others chimed in to agree. “If Tiffany Haddish ever backed/supported me,” another said, “I’d apologize even if I knew I didn’t do it because I shouldn’t even have been in a position for her to be going up for me.” Ouch. What do you think of Tiffany’s defense of Jonathan Majors? Sound off in the comments!

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