June 7, 2023

Diddy’s Spicy Bedroom Advice Includes His R&B Playlist, Red Lighting, And No Phones


Yung Miami recently announced that she and Diddy have gone their separate ways romantically, but they both seem to still be living their best lives. The City Girl recently spoke with The Cut about some of her major career moves as of late, along with her relationships, and is gearing up to drop new music with JT in the coming months. For his part, Diddy has been busy taking care of his baby girl, Love Sean Combs, to who cyber security specialist Dana Tran gave birth last year. The producer doesn’t appear to be officially dating his 28-year-old baby mama, though they do seem to have a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Aside from spending time with his seventh child, the “I’ll Be Missing You” hitmaker found time in his busy schedule to kick it with James Corden on The Late Late Show. Diddy joined him to drive around the city during the series’ beloved Carpool Karaoke series, during which he dished out some hot and heavy bedroom advice to the English host between belting out songs. When asked how little Love’s arrival came to be, the 53-year-old declared that it has something to do with his return to the music industry.

Diddy Gets NSFW on Carpool Karaoke

During his lovemaking sessions, Combs apparently listens to a perfectly curated R&B playlist which he described as”the Super Bowl of [the genre].” It’s notably made of throwback tracks from the ’90s when Puff was a much younger man. After hearing come of the details, Corden began piecing together what sort of vibe should be set, saying, “I go home, I light a candle…” Diddy promptly cut him off, going full dad mode to remind his friend of the dangers that can come from playing with fire. “You got to put the red light on, no candle,” he schooled James. “It may burn down the place.”

Another piece of advice the New York native had to offer is creating an “off-the-grid” environment while building up to sex, forgetting about phones and other technology. Would you follow any of Diddy’s bedroom tips, or do you have rituals of your own that work? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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